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Access the surgery or treatment to get your life back

Are you on a long NHS waiting list or are seeking private health care in Europe?
Elective/planned surgery available in days rather than many months
Electives France Ltd only partner with top quality hospitals and surgeons in the State and private sector in northern France and within easy driving reach of Calais

Are you?
In need of fairly immediate private (self funded) medical treatment to get your life back?
Or, are you not able to be seen even at a UK private hospital because you are living with co-morbidities that mean you are now having a long wait for treatment in a main NHS hospital?
Call us on 07570 537 320 or email enquiry@electivesfrance.co.uk

Some clinical specialities we deal with:

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Gastroenterology including minimally invasive gall bladder surgery
General Surgery including hernia repairs

Gynaecology including hysterectomy and treatment for prolapse

Ophthalmology including cataracts

Orthopaedics including joints and (if required) post-operative inpatient rehabilitation

Urology including prostate resection

Vascular including urgent elective CEA, AAA and lower limb revascularisation and routine varicose veins

Paediatric electives – parents of children needing surgery for childhood problems can often find they have to wait a very long time – call us to discuss your options

Bariatric surgery for weight loss

Cancer – Self-funding patients can be seen very quickly at Calais Hospital for urgent diagnosis and/or the full treatment pathway if required. Call to discuss it with us if you are waiting too long for the NHS to help you or if you just want to use the private health care option